Ohio to Alaska...and back.... a wayfaring gypsy lifestyle .... Influences of  Appalachian ol' time music,  country blues, celtic, to the rock scene of the 70s...thrown into a kettle, simmered an cooked .....the result, The Gypsy Cowboy's brand of Americana...From the western foothills of  Appalachia, come ol' timey melodies combined with eclectic vocals.

Members Carl Besece, Erek Gildow and Stephen Kelner

With banjos, guitars, mandolins and a passion for performing live, their shows are a melding of country blues, folk ,celtic and rock. A sound and presence boiled in the copper vats of  the appalachian mountains, the skylines of the rockies to the shadow of denali, these fellas are crossing generational  and cultural divides to bring you their unrestrained take on Americana Music.

Appalachian Americana Roots Rock

 It's Like....Sons Of The Pioneers meet Ol' Crow.....