The Gypsy Cowboys, mixing an ol' time music vibe, with southern country rock .. bringing banjo pickin' mandolin strumming' fun to a new level. with roots stretching from Appalachia to Alaska.”

Some folks would tell you these Cowboys play some of  the best Americana you can find, but we have a different name for this particular genre. We call it 

  Appalachian Electric Holler


Later Alligator, Wheeling West Virginia


Project Name

With a  new age take on Roots Rock with influences of ol'time stringband, country , blues, bluegrass and rock music, the Gypsy Cowboys bring an  energetic eclectic take to the Americana music scene. Members, Carl Besece, Erek Gildow, Stephen Kelner and  Scott Harkness hail from the rustbelt of the Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania borders. 

 Their recent album release of Appalachia Dirt Poor, brings to light the trials , hardships and beauty of life in Appalachia.

A sound and presence boiled in the copper vats of the Appalachian mountains, the skylines of the Rockies to the shadow Denali, these fellas cross the divides to bring you their unrestrained brand of Americana roots music.............. 100 proof....Thrashin' Appalachian  Americana.

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